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This badge recognises awareness of the effects of smoking on a personal, family, community and environmental level.To earn this badge, you must show your understanding of the broad range of impacts that cigarettes and smoking have on people's lives.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 Understanding cigarettes

    Is smoking harmful to a person's health? And if so, how does it harm people?

    The Task
    Research the effects smoking has on a person's health, and create a piece of work that shows what you know.

    Task Help
    You could use web resources such as the Tobacco Atlas and the Cancer Research website to help you.

    Upload your evidence in any form you like - it could be a picture you've drawn, a recording you've made, or a blog you've written about it.

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  2. Task 2 Smoking's environmental impact

    We know that cigarettes contain tobacco, which grows in the ground. But how does the tobacco industry impact on the environment?

    And what is the impact of all the cigarette packaging and waste materials that get thrown out?

    Use various different resources - such as this helpful fact sheet - to carry out some research, and submit a piece of evidence that shows you understand the environmental impact of cigarettes. You could submit your evidence as a video, a picture, or a written piece of work.

  3. Task 3 The cost of smoking

    How much does it cost to smoke? What is the cost to a person, a family, a community, or even a whole country?

    There are plenty of statistics out there that will help you learn how much money people spend on smoking in this country and around the world.

    The Task
    Show that you know how much money smoking costs people. You might want to make a chart, or a graph, or you could simply write about it.

  4. Task 4 Where do cigarettes come from?

    What does a cigarette contain? How are they made? Where are they made?

    The Task
    Conduct some research and create a factsheet about how cigarettes are made for this part of your badge.

    The Tobacco Atlas website has some great information to help you with your research, and you can also check out Cancer Research.

  5. Task 5 The dangers of cigarettes

    Smoking doesn't just harm people. Neglectful smoking can cause damage to buildings and property too.

    The Task
    Share what you have found out about fires and damage to property caused by smoking.

    There are some great resources from websites like the London Fire Brigade out there to help you!

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