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Help your self to develop a master mind by exploring techniques that can help you to develop positive mental health.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 Showing awareness

    Demonstrate your understanding of the early warning signs of mental health issues.

    The guide to types of mental health problems on the Mind website can help to explore and there are many help and advice guides available at Youth Space.

    The Task
    Write up three signs that may help someone to know that they need to start to develop some coping strategies to help with their mental health.

  2. Task 2 Coping Strategies

    If someone experiences these early warning signs, what strategies can help to cope?

    There are tips in the How to Cope section of Youth Space that relate to lifestyle, relaxation & mindfulness, talking, complementary therapies and crisis & urgent care.

    The Task
    Create a mini campaign that can help your peers to be aware of how they can use these different coping strategies. You could create a poster, a film, a poem, a rap, a drama script, a short story, any way you feel will help to get your message across. You can select one coping strategy as an example or showcase a number of strategies. This can be fictional or if you would like to, you can share your own experiences.

  3. Task 3 Make a crisis plan

    If you were to find yourself suffering from a mental health issue, it is vital that you know where you can turn for support.

    Use resources such as the Rethink website to research what you can do if you or someone close to you is suffering from a mental health condition.

    The Task
    Write up a crisis plan.

    There is a good template for a basic crisis plan on this page. Take a look.

    Submit your own crisis plan as your evidence for this task, in any form you like - it could be a flow diagram, a video guide, or a written plan.

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