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Share your favourite ways to eat healthily for one week. Learn how eating a healthy diet affects your body.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 Planning a healthy meal

    Take a look at the eatwell guide picture. This shows what types of food make a healthy meal. It also shows how much of what you eat should come from each food group.

    The Task
    Plan a healthy meal, remembering to have a balance of the right foods. Use the eatwell plate as a guide.

    Think about vegetables that help to make up a balanced plate - cucumber, carrots, peppers, iceberg lettuce, peas, aubergine, celery, fennel?

    Write up your healthy meal plan as your evidence for this task.

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  2. Task 2 Challenge - the healthy eating week

    The challenge is to eat healthily for a week.

    The Task
    Share photos of your favourite healthy meals - one from each day. It can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Give your meals a rating on taste and healthiness. Include thoughts on how you would make the meal tastier or healthier. Would you recommend this meal to a friend?

    Use the multiple evidence upload tool to include your photographs and ratings (text) and submit this as your evidence.

    You can use the food diary to help record your healthy meals.

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  3. Task 3 What happens to your body if you do not eat a healthy diet?

    Have you ever thought about how eating healthily might change your life?

    What you eat can affect your hair, breath, skin, teeth and your health as you become older.

    The Task
    Choose a fact about healthy eating that is important to you. Create a film or poster that helps to convince people to eat healthily using the fact you find most interesting.

    Upload your film or poster as your evidence.

    Task Help
    Watch the Change4Life film that shows what saturated fats can do to your body, or this film about Tommy.

    Tommy finds out how the unhealthy food he is choosing to eat contains hydrogenated and saturated fats and too much added salt and sugar and the effects this has on Tommy's body.

    The film warns Tommy that eating an unhealthy diet can lead to problems when you are older such as a heart attack, diabetes, stroke, cancer, bad teeth, bad breath or bad hair!

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