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Learn new, helpful ways to cope with arguments and have better relationships with with your friends and family.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 Being self aware

    Can you think of an occasion when you lost your temper?

    The Task
    Share a time when you lost your temper, describing the details of what happened, and include your thoughts on why you lost your temper.

    To help you prepare, answer the questions in the Self Awareness Quiz on this page.

    Write up the experience you remember as your evidence.

  2. Task 2 Working through arguments

    Think of a time when you have seen other people in an argument.

    You might have seen something on television or in a film where characters fall out, or it might have been an incident you saw at school, at home, or amongst your friends.

    The Task
    Explain the positive and negative behaviours shown by the people involved. Think about how the people involved could have acted differently or worked out a solution to the argument.

    Write why you think this argument happened, and the ways the people in the argument could have behaved differently or worked it out together.

  3. Task 3 Create a conflict avoidance plan

    Use the research you have carried out in tasks one and two to create a conflict avoidance plan that will help you to resolve arguments, or stop them before they even begin.

    Your plan could include a step-by-step guide to dealing with particular situations, top tips for handling difficult people, and ways to identify the times that you are most likely to get into arguments.

    Upload your conflict avoidance plan to OBA as your evidence for this task.

    Task Help
    Five steps to speaking to a friend you have fallen out with
    An expert answers questions about arguments with parents

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