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To earn this badge, you need to show that you have knowledge of where support is available for people suffering from stress. You need to demonstrate that you understand the nature of stress and how people can be helped when they are suffering.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 Different causes of stress

    Lots of different things can cause a person to feel stress. For this task, you need to show that you understand what they might be.

    Use the resources available in this story to help with your research.

    Create a bank of evidence, through images, audio or text that describes at least three causes of stress and explain why you believe they make people feel stressed.

  2. Task 2 Stress-busting steps

    With lots of different causes of stress in people's lives, coping can be a complicated matter. Fortunately, there is lots of help out there to help people.

    For this task, you need to suggest at least 5 steps someone struggling with stress might take in order to overcome their problems.

    You might write a blog about your imaginary characters and how they should deal with different stress causes. Alternatively, you could act out their stories on a video and upload that as your badge evidence, or record an audio story - it's up to you!

    Here is a story that will help you in your planning and research.

    You may also find this story by a student at Catmose College useful and these stories that look at self-esteem.

  3. Task 3 Stress Bucket Challenge

    Study the stress bucket diagrams on this link and fill in the third page, entitled 'My Stress Bucket'.

    As your evidence share your stress bucket diagram or choose one example where you have used a stress busting technique and found it had a positive impact for you.

    The following links have useful stress busting advice:
    ChildLine video on anxiety
    Stop, Breathe & Think app
    Young Minds
    Tips, advice and videos from Rethink

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