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The Practitioner awarded this digital credential has engaged with the 'Learning to be employable' report developed by the City & Guilds Alliance. One task needs to be completed to earn this credential (3 CPD hours assigned).
Issuer:City & Guilds
  1. Task 1 Evaluate the report

    What you need to do
    Tell us what you think of the report's findings and recommendations!

    What you need to show
    You must show you have:

    • Evaluated the information and formed your own opinion on the report's findings and recommendations.
    • Outlined the basis for your views.

    How you can show it
    Choose one type of evidence from the list below.

    1) Record an audio file or video summarizing your views and the reasons behind them (3 - 5 mins).
    2) Create a table giving your views with reasons and then reference them to the report’s findings and recommendations.
    3) Prepare a short report summarizing your views and the reasons for them (between 400 and 600 words).

    Helpful hints
    This is all about your opinion of the report. Do you think its findings and recommendations are fair? Are they workable? Do they have value? You may want to make comparisons of the report findings with other reports or content and talk about applicability within your workplace setting.

    Please signpost specific sections and/or pages within the report to help us follow your points.

    Remember anything you upload can be seen by other people!

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