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The British Science Association (BSA) believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved with science. One element of our work is ‘science communication’- which means getting people thinking about, talking about and doing science for themselves. Become a science communicator through this Open Badge by making something unique that gets people talking about an aspect of science or technology that you’re passionate about.
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  1. Task 1 Science: not just for scientists

    Take a look at the video, and begin to understand how you as an individual can communicate (start a conversation about) an aspect of science in a creative and meaningful way.


    What aspects of science/technology would you like to get people interested in? Who would you want to communicate it with? (e.g. friends/younger students/the general public)

    Share your initial thoughts as your evidence. In the following tasks we will be looking at how to develop your idea further!

  2. Task 2 Your ideas: from the simple to the more complex...

    How are you going to get your message across? How can you engage your audience in a meaningful way? You could start a blog, write a story or even make a game or design an art piece. Check out this ideas pack for inspiration if you need to.


    Sketch out your idea from task 1 in more detail:

    • Think about how you would like to convey your message - which medium you are going to use - explaining why you chose this particular method.
    • Ensure you are clear of any key points and pieces of information you would like to get across.

    As your evidence make a list of all of the key aims and objectives you hope to achieve by creating your Science Communicator project. Including:
    • How you plan to communicate your chosen topic
    • How your project links to everyday (real) life
    • What resources (including people) you decided to use, and explain your choices
    • Any market research/background reading you conducted in order to produce your project

  3. Task 3 Your voice, your message


    Upload your science communicator media that you have been planning over the previous two tasks. You are able to upload more than one piece of evidence to a task should you wish - for example a video and a website.

    We look forward to seeing your submissions!!

    In earning your BSA - Science Communicator badge you will have met many of the criteria needed in order to earn your Bronze CREST Award - you can find out more information about this here.

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