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Issuer:OBA Makers
  1. Task 1 Getting to know the software

    So... you want to build an app? Amazing! First things first - we need to find out about the software and websites we can use to help us do this. There are so many out there, so how do you know which one is right for you?

    Explore some of the options below (or find an alternative):


    Choose a website, or piece of software you are going to use to build your app.
    Once you've decided share the following about your chosen application:
    • The 3 key features of your chosen application/piece of software
    • The reason you chose to use this application/piece of software to build your app

  2. Task 2 Plan, create and share you app!

    You've chosen your software, the next step is deciding what your app will do. In this task you will need to plan, create and then share your finished app with the OBA Makers community. You can upload multiple pieces of evidence to this task, so you can be creative in how you display your ideas.


    1. Upload evidence that shows you planning the development of your app - for example this could be photographs, or written up examples of you designing the look and feel of the app. Include:

    • Key information your app will need to include?
    • What functionality will it have? e.g. A takeaway app might have access to restaurants via a map
    • What types of graphics will you need? Where will you source these?
    • How will your app be structured? Perhaps have a look a building a 'wireframe' using something like Balsamiq
    • Are you going to build in any social links? If so, which ones?

    2. Share a link to your finished app - this could be a web link via the application you used to build it, or even a link to the App Store/Play Store if your project has been published!

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