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Start a conversation about a health issue that is important to you. Your report will be viewed by Public Health England and may well be published within their report.
Issuer:Know Your Health
  1. Task 1 What's important to you?

    What health issues are important to you? If you could encourage a nation, or even just and individual, to change a single health 'habit' or perception - what would it be?

    Generate some initial thoughts around what health message you would like to convey, and why this is of importance to you. Perhaps it is something that has directly affected you or a family member. Or maybe it's just an area that particularly peaks your interest.

    Share this initial idea or thought as your evidence.

  2. Task 2 Start a conversation

    Create a report to communicate your ideas and start a conversation. This could be a written report, or perhaps something more creative such as a video

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