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To earn this badge, you will need to explore the impact car emissions have on our lives and the environment we live in.Then imagine how we could reduce our negative impact on the environment by using public transport.
  1. Task 1 Cleaner City

    Your neighbours have asked for your help to organise a campaign to reduce car exhaust emissions in your city. You need to find out some information about how car emissions affect our environment, and be ready to share this information with your neighbours.

    How to complete the task

    • Identify and record three relevant facts or ideas about car exhaust emissions.
    • Explain how they impact on the environment
    • Use the appropriate terminology (e.g. carbon emissions, climate change), look up the meaning of any words you don't know the meaning of.

    Hint: You could present your facts as a poster, list, voice clip or video.

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  2. Task 2 Spread the word

    You need to let the whole city know how they can help the environment too! Your neighbours have seen your research and have decided to use a radio advert to encourage people to cut car emissions by using public transport.

    How to complete the task

    • Write and/or record a jingle that persuads people to use public transport

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