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To earn the Siemens Energy Badge you pick a city of your choice and create a plan for how you would power this city in a crisis. Learn more about urban life with our Siemens and Wildlife Trusts resources.
  1. Task 1 Power up

    Imagine turning on the television and nothing happened? Our modern lives are very dependent on power! There are lots of different factors that have to be considered when powering a city.

    How to complete the task

    • Play the Siemens Energy Island interactive to help you think about the different ways to supply power.
    • Take a print screen of your island after it has been built

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  2. Task 2 Location, Location, Location

    How to complete the task
    Research the key characteristics of one of the following locations:

    • Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Cairo, Egypt
    • Wellington, New Zealand

    Identify and describe several characteristics of the chosen city that might influence how a power supply system should be designed.

    Hint: Characteristics such as weather, infrastructure and population may affect how you supply a city with power.

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  3. Task 3 Disaster strikes

    A storm has hit your chosen location, and you have to generate power for the city. Now you need to plan how you would provide power to your city.

    How to complete the task

    • Describe an emergency plan for the city which reflects the unique characteristics of that city
    • Consider the emergency services in your plan and think about what barriers they may come up against

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