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To earn the Siemens Mobility Challenge you must conduct an investigation into hybrid technology and make recommendations about how it could work in your local area.
  1. Task 1 All about Hybrid

    Watch the inspired bus company film and think about why bus designers have explored the use of powering buses by electricity as well as diesel.

    How to complete the task
    Create a list of the key features of hybrid technology, including information on:

    • What hybrid technology is
    • It's impact on the environment compared to other forms of transport
    • Why hybrid technology is important

    Hint: You could provide your information as a list, labelled image or spider diagram

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  2. Task 2 Weigh up the options

    A proposal for a policy to replace all cars with hybrid cars has been submitted to the council. Before it goes to a vote by committee, you need to help inform your colleagues.

    How to complete the task
    Investigate the impact of introducing hybrid technology into your local area by outlining:

    • pros hybrid technology
    • cons of hybrid technology

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  3. Task 3 Crunch time

    Your local council have asked you to present your ideas to a committee panel who will vote on the policy. It's time to pick a side!

    How to complete the task

    • Decide if you will argue for or against replacing all cars with hybrid cars
    • Write and/or record your speech (make sure it's convincing!)

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