Make this a Mozilla Open Badge and save it in your backpack
This badge demonstrates that the earner has engaged in an intercultural activity and has developed knowledge about the city they are visiting. This is a taster badge for use in the Utrecht training event September 2016.
Issuer:Go2B Recognised Provider Training
  1. Task 1 Evidence your visit to the Dom Tower

    You can upload photographic and video evidence. If you're feeling really creative, you could draw the Tower and even upload that. There's lots of different ways you can create evidence.

  2. Task 2 Tell or show us what the Dom Tower is (look for the plaque)

    No cheating. We'll know if you've been on wikipedia!

  3. Task 3 Tell us or show us where the Dom Tower is located in Utrecht

    Hint: You can upload screen shots and urls as evidence.

  4. Task 4 Tell us something about the history of the Tower that interests you

    Hint: You can upload voice recordings!

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