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To earn the Siemens Energy Explorer Badge students research and plan how they would build a hut in the Swiss mountains our water resources, created with The Wildlife Trusts, should be able to help explore alternative sources of energy.
  1. Task 1 Walk in the Mountains

    Watch this video and take a journey through Switzerland with the mountain guide Gabriel. Using the video and our Wildlife Trust resources as a starting point, do some research and find out what makes the Monta Rosa Hut energy efficient.

    How to complete the task
    *In your research, you should identify 3 features of the hut's structure.
    *Explain how each of these design features would be different from a building in a city.

    Hint: You could display your research by labelling a photograph, producing a PowerPoint presentation, making a list or designing a poster.

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  2. Task 2 Model the Monta Rosa Hut

    The Monta Rosa Hut has received an award for energy efficiency and will appear at a science show. The organisers have asked for your help designing a model version.

    How to complete the task

    • Create a clearly annotated plan for your model. Your plan should include a description of why the materials are suited to their purpose and environment.

    Remember: A model looks similar and behaves like the real version and show how it will help to save energy.

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