Catch 22 Shropshire

Catch 22 Shropshire
My Graduate Journey was designed to meet the needs of both employers and young people following research conducted by Youth Employment UK. The research was completed based on insights from employers, industry bodies, youth orgs, education and young people to find a common language around skills . The programme is co-ordinated and delivered by NCS APM and its local partners. The programme was co-designed by graduates, as a way for them to record and reflect upon their graduate year journey in terms of skill development and social impact, while linking back to the NCS Ethos. It is agreed that every local graduate offer is different and the opportunities/journeys that young people want to engage with differ also. However, all opportunities provided will enable social mobility, social cohesion and/or civic engagement. As young people progress through the programme, they will be able to get recognition of their skill development and achievements, via a digital badge, through a reflection piece submission. Local Teams may wish to use this submission as part of their workforce recruitment processes. Badges will be awarded at 30 hours of engagement.
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