When will OBA be closing?

Why is OBA closing?

What will happen after 31st August 2019?

What do I need to do before 31st August 2019?

Who can I contact if I need help?

Can I speak to someone over the phone?

What will happen to the badges I have earned on OBA?

Can I upload my downloaded badges to an alternative platform? Can I display my badges after 31st August 2019?

What will happen to the evidence I have uploaded to OBA?

How do I download the evidence I have submitted?

What will happen to the OBA App?

Is my qualification (for example PRA, WACS) still valid?

How will I access my digital credentials once OBA has gone?

What will happen to customers that I have worked with to set up on OBA?

What are the alternative platforms that I can use moving forwards? Where can I create evidence based badges moving forwards?

What will happen to Digitalme?

I’m a Pro customer. What happens if I am still within my license term? Will I receive a refund?

How will billing work for my current Open Badge Academy subscription?

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