What are Open Badges?

How much does Open Badge Academy cost?

Can I use Open Badge Academy on my mobile device?

What is the Public Badge Library, and how do I add badges into it?

How do learners join my Academy?

What is the OBA Underground?

How many badges can I make?

Do I have to award the badges I create?

Where can I report a problem?

Can I request a new feature?

How do I connect my account to LinkedIn?

Can I delete a badge that someone has already earned?

How do I get in contact with Open Badge Academy?

Where is the data for Open Badge Academy stored?

I’ve deleted an account by mistake. What do I do?

Can I get support to design and create my badges?

Can I create a pathway of badges?

Can a Member take a badge from another Academy?

How do I receive notifications of activity within my Academy?

Can a member be Assigned to more than one Manager (i.e: can more than one Manager receive activity notifications)?

Why are you asking me whether I am a robot?

How do I endorse a badge?

What are Groups?

How do I change my Academy name/url/Issuer name?

How do I remind someone what their username is?

How does a Member re-set their password?

How do I re-order the badges in my Academy?

How do I share a badge with a Member?

Can evidence be hidden from public view?

I’m a 3rd Sector organisation/Educational Organisation, how can I get hold of a Pro account?

Do I have to approve all of my Academy members?

Who receives a notification when a new Member signs up?

Can I convert a Member into a Manager?

Can I charge for a member of OBA to take (buy) my badge?

I'm experiencing upload issues, what can I do?

How do I change my username?

How do I change my Date of Birth?

I'd like to know more about the OBA subscription options

I’ve forgotten my username and password, what should I do?

How do I get started with Open Badge Academy?

Help, I think I’ve joined the wrong academy!

What is email verification and how do I do it?

How do I add a badge to my email Signature

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