A space on OBA set up by an organisation to create users and/or issue badges.

Academy Name

What an Academy is called on OBA. This can be changed at any time by contacting Support

Academy URL / Web Address

The web address of an Academy on OBA. This can be changed at any time by contacting Support


Academy Banner

A banner image which can be changed by Managers to customise the appearance of your Academy. Banner images can be created at Makebadges, or using any other image creation software, and must be 1200x180 pixels.

Academy Description

A space where managers can add a description of their Academy. This text is publicly visible and can be used to explain the purpose of the Academy and other relevant information such as the target audience, background to the programme and links to external websites.


Academy Manager

The admins or managers for an Academy. Academy Managers can create users, approve accounts and create/issue badges.


An individual who joins OBA to earn badges. Members can join an Academy or join as an individual.


This tab will direct you to a list of all the members in your Academy.


A suspended member can no longer log in to OBA, but their account will still be visible.


A recycled member has had their account removed from the Academy and can no longer log in.

Assign to Manager

Specify which Academy Managers should receive notifications about a member's work on OBA. This will include email notifications.

Transfer all content to me

A tool for keeping content created by an OBA member if you need to remove their account.

Profile Image

Members and Managers can add a profile image to their account. This image will be publicly visible. Profile images must be 230x230 pixels.


You can organise your Members into Groups to help with the management of your Academy. You can share Groups with other Managers to help support the administration of your badges. Groups can also be used to easily invite multiple Members to take badges.

CSV Group Uploader

A tool for creating multiple member accounts on OBA, using a spreadsheet of data saved in a the Comma Separated Values (CSV) format.


A CSV file is a spreadsheet format which allows information to be easily uploaded into a database or website. You can create a CSV file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (by selecting File>Save As and selecting Comma Separated Values). An example CSV file can also be downloaded from within OBA outlining the required and option fields for upload.



A digital credential that members can earn by completing a set of tasks and uploading relevant evidence.

Badge Image

The visual design of a badge. An effective badge image represents the theme of the badge while using minimal text, and badges which are part of a scheme can be linked visually, eg. using colours, fonts and icons. Badge images should be PNG format and 600x600 pixels. Badge images can be created using the built in design tool on OBA, or using other image creation software. You may choose to have your badges designed professionally. Digitalme can provide badge design services. If you would like to speak to us about using this service contact:

Badge Summary

A space where a Manager can add a short summary of the badge. This text is publicly visible and should be used to explain the purpose of the badge to Members, but also to anyone else who may view the badge (eg. an employer or peer). As this field is part of the Open Badge metadata there is a 400 character limit.


A step taken to earn a badge. Tasks can be completed by adding evidence.


Text, photos, video, audio or a document uploaded in response to a badge task. In order to successfully complete a badge your evidence must meet the criteria set out in the task.

Set Evidence Type

A tool which allows the creator of the badge to set a specific type of evidence for a task, eg a photo.


A setting for your badge, making it available in the OBA Badge Library for all OBA members to earn. Please note - you would not be responsible for awarding your badge to other members outside of your Academy.

Academy Only

A setting for your badge, making it only available to members of your Academy.

Add Support Media

A tool which allows you to add support media to your badge tasks, for example an image or video. You have the option to upload multiple support media items (of the same type) to a badge task.


A draft badge is still to be completed/edited, and is not yet live.

Go Live

The button to send your completed badge live. This will make it accessible to users of OBA. A badge can still be edited after it has been made “live”.


The option to preview how members will see your badge before you send it live.


The Academy that has has created the badge.


Share this badge with members of your Academy.


Users who do not yet have an account on OBA.

Unfeature a Badge

Removing a "featured" badge from your academy.


A closed badge can no longer be taken, but it is still visible to members who have already been awarded it.


A suspended badge can no longer be taken, and will be hidden from users that it has been awarded to.


The content added by a member to complete a task.

Edit Mode

Select Edit Mode to add evidence to tasks within a badge. Switch to "Preview" mode before you claim the badge to review your evidence as it would be seen by others.


Tags are labels which make it easier for people to find badges based on a common subject area, theme, skill or behaviour.

Track Progress

The Track Progress area contains four tabs which show reports on the number of members who are working on a badge. They allow Managers to see who has Started, is In Progress, Completed and been Awarded a badge, with progress boxes which provide links through to members’ evidence, allowing you to assess and Award badges from this area.


A member has opted to take this badge but has not uploaded any evidence yet.

In Progress

A member has started uploading evidence , but has not completed them yet. If a member has uploaded evidence to all tasks but appears in this tab, they may have forgotten to press the ‘Claim’ button.

Awaiting Approval

A member has completed the badge tasks. They are now waiting for their work to be checked and the badge to be awarded. This signifies they have pressed the ‘Claim’ button.


The member or members this badge has been awarded to.


A space for showing examples of work by members who have been awarded this badge.


After a badge has been Awarded, Endorsements provide a way for fellow OBA members, Managers or other individuals (who have logged in via LinkedIN) to leave a testimony on members’ evidence. They provide a way for peers, colleagues, mentors or tutors to verify and endorse the skills or behaviours recognised by a badge.


After an Endorsement has been made, users can connect on OBA to create a link between their member profiles (eg. to leave more Endorsements in future).


Feedback messages left by Academy Managers and other Badge Issuers that are only visible to the member and Manager(s).


Open Badges Backpack

The Backpack is a central store of your Open Badges. This platform is hosted separately to Open Badge Academy and can be used to help share your Badges across the web. You can store badges from multiple Open Badge Platforms within the Backpack. You can create your free account at:

Push to Backpack

This button allows you to add your Open Badge Academy badges to your Backpack account. Both platforms must use the same email address in order to share and transfer your badges between them. Clicking the Push to Backpack button will prompt you to sign in and add the specific badge to your Backpack.

Backpack Badges tab

This tab displays all of your Open Badges that are stored within collections in your Backpack. However, it will not display Open Badges that have been earned in Open Badge Academy - these badges are displayed on your Profile tab. Once you have connected to the Backpack your badges will always be visible here without you needing to sign in again. No badges will show on the tab if you have not set your collections to 'Public'. To do this you'll need to follow these sharing guidelines within the Backpack itself:

Sharing can be a little bit odd at first in the Backpack but essentially you don't share individual badges, you share out your collections. To create a collection log into your Backpack account and hit collections at the top. You can then drag badges over into their own mini collections (you can make as many as you want). You'll then be able to see the share icon in the bottom right corner of the collection which will allow you to push to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. You also need to ensure your collection is set to 'Public' using the checkbox provided.

Uploaded Badges

This tab allows you to upload badges directly to your Open Badge Academy account. These badges must have been earned using the same email address that is attached to you Open Badge Academy account. Additionally these badges must be in either PNG or SVG file format. You also have the option to upload the JSON file of your badge as well using the uploader on this page. The Open Badge Academy accepts both v1.1 and v2.0 badges into your account. You can find out more details about this on

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