Issue Badges Create & award evidence-based badges 3 Badge Limit Unlimited badges and issuers Unlimited badges and issuers
Track Progress Track your users' progress and provide feedback via notes
Manage Users Add members to your Academy and monitor their activity
Shareable Badge Profiles Provide shareable badge profile pages for your members
Mobile App for iOS Evidence and award badges straight from your Apple smartphone or tablet
Evidence-based Endorsements Endorse badge evidence using LinkedIn login
Discover Badges Access the OBA public badge library
Verified Issuer Status Show that your organisation has been verified and submit badges to the public library
Bulk Enroll Members Create member accounts via CSV upload
Bulk Issue Badges Email issue badges to groups via CSV upload
Advanced Badge Settings Choose who can access and award your badge
Support Email and phone support provided
Connect Departments or Organisations Together Connect academies together via a directory page
Service Level Agreement A guarenteed level of service for your use of OBA
Bespoke App Enhance your scheme with your own branded badging app
E-Commerce Charge your users to access your badges
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