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Welcome to the Sussex Downs College Digital Badge Academy

Digital badges offer a way of accrediting skills often unrecognised by formal qualifications; skills that are essential to succeed at college and beyond.

Badges can represent transferable skills, such as communication and independent learning, and industry specific skills like research, engine maintenance and customer service. You achieve badges by uploading evidence of your learning and are then able to share them across the web. This means that anyone you choose can instantly see your skills in action as images, videos and more.

We are working with local employers to identify the skills, attitudes and behaviours they seek and how best you can evidence these. The most in demand skills form our employability passport, a set of badges that will give you a direct route to successful employment.

All of our badges are Open Badges, meaning you can share them anywhere online such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in. You can even link to your badge portfolio from your CV.

Your badge journey starts here. Show your skills. Anywhere.
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